Sometimes just like porn amateur is better than the stars.

So back story. I lost my job/career in November. Since then I’ve been doing what all unemployed should do which is look for a new job and go to interviews. However in the mean time there is a lot of Youtube and a lot of Forza. While also moving into a new home for no other reason but that my landlord “has some family issues and needs to move them in”. So while drunk aunt Judy whose probably being divorced for the 4th time with 3 boys who are all failures moves in I’m watching Youtube.

Now I’m a big Matt Farah fan I think we all are right ? I think his videos are good because he doesn’t seem to sugar coat it. The podcast ads addition insight to what these cars were like where he doesn’t give a single fuck and I like that. The thing is tho I was introduced to Matt Farah via Tuned on Drive in it’s glory days of free content and lots of it on a regular basis. I then got sucked into paying for content because that’s how good it was. Then felt like I just lost my money to one of those guys with the 3 cups and ball trick. They got me month after month until I said screw it and cancelled. I really hope Drive can yank the e-brake and turn it around because they have the talent to wow the world. The new movie coming out made by those guys at drive may very well be the E brake turn they needed I think it’s called Apex and It’s not out just yet.

So without a job and wanting plenty to watch I’ve found what I consider to be amateur Youtube. It’s wonderful and full of soul. The fact that the editing wasn’t done by some pro or that the entire video was shot in one take gives these videos a authenticity hard to find in any form. Sure we all like watching Chris Forsberg fly through an abandon mall in a full blown formula D car with a Nascar V8 or Ken Block doing donuts on a barge but here’s the facts. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU.. and deep down you know it. So that’s why watching the guys at Roadkill turbo a V6 S10 powered 280z “Rotsun” and autocross it is enjoyable to an un measurable amount. Roadkill is so good I’m “not allowed” to watch it alone unless I want to watch it again when the woman gets home and act surprised. That’s how good it is. It’s unfortunate that Roadkill even with a major sponsor ship like Dodge has to charge a month subscription like the Drive channel. Also offering premium content but just like porn if you want the good stuff you’ll pay a monthly subscription just like you do to Bangbros.

Seeing how I have no job and that subscription to anything but my Amazon Prime is over I resort to the free stuff and when it comes to free stuff amateur is great. I’ve included a few of my favorite channels and hopefully you’ll find a few of them enjoyable and maybe subscribe. However I want to know what your favorite flavor is.

Just comment below with your favorite Youtube Channel so I can check it out until I become employed again and go full blown race car on ya bitch asses.