My car must have been keen on the fact that I’m being lured to possibly replace it with a new Mazda6. It’s quieter than ever and averaging close to 30 MPG. Jerk.

Mazda is offering 0.9% financing for 63 months, $500.00 Mazda owner loyalty cash, and $500.00 recent college graduates incentive. Of course, that’s only on new. Used would be a different story. That being said, I’ve found quite a few contenders.………………

Fact is, I’m 85% sure I don’t have the guts to go through with it. Having a car payment when I’ve never had one before would be an adjustment. Although, my income is going up$500.00 a month and the car payment would be roughly $200.00 a month.


I know it’s dumb. And that’s why I’m more than likely not doing it. But hey, a fella can dream, right? I’ve wanted one of these 6s ever since I first saw one. They’re awesome to me and as you all know, I love them. They drive just as good as they look, too. To me, at least.

Someday. Maybe. One will be mine. <3 I’ve had my 3 for 6 years and 64,000 miles. It’s been a good car and it still is. But I’d sure love a 6...


P.S. Don't waste your time telling me how stupid this is and what a bad idea it is. I already know that. I'm just ranting/venting about my desire for a new car and my lack of courage to go buy one.