The story on the front page inspired me to make a list of the best cars I drove in 2016. They are in no particular order:

2016 Mustang GT – Rented From Hertz to drive up the coast. Auto Box took some lulz out of the trip but I want to test drive a manual. Still, a very nice car with some cool gimmicks and 435 HP. What’s not to love?

2006 (I think) M5 – The car and screaming v10 were tremendously awesome. I would have bought this pristine, one owner example on the spot if it wasn’t equipped the tragic SMG transmission.


Cayman gt4 – Automotive perfection. I will buy one if they ever depreciate.

Ferrari 348 – This car is the analog to the digital gt4. Bought it and I’m never looking back.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia – The same friend with the gt4 let me take a quick spin in this. Everything is so raw and almost twitchy. You could feel the clutch working through the hardly padded seats. The car was super stiff and high strung. I would love to try this on a track but not on a trip to Starbucks.

2006 911 Carrera S – The 911 is not the Camry of sports car for no reason. I could see myself DD’ing this car. It’s too bad they are so common around LA.

2 of the top six are in this picture

If you would like to know more about any car on the list, ask away! Post your favorite cars below as well!!

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