Best Client Ever!

I get an email that a "contact" form has been submitted on my website. I get a second email saying my Package 1 was purchased (by the same person). Package 1 is a personalized evaluation and vehicle location service. I thought it was strange that the customer paid for a service without taking advantage of my "free consultation." So I call the woman up to make sure she understands what she is getting. During the course of the conversation she says "Well, I have this Highlander Hybrid that I am kind of sick of...I would kind of like a fact I would really like a manual wagon. I know BMW used to make a 3-series with a stick. Do you think you can find me one?"

...within minutes I was able to locate an E91 within a few hours drive. She is going to look at it tomorrow!


Here is the car before the listing goes down

SR20 on the miles

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