Now while there are supercar models that look great, they don’t necessarily always get a “revision,” or a facelift. A chance to either fix (or ruin) the look of cars. Everyday cars however, get revisions. They get better, or they get worse. And here’s my list of my favorite revisions in recent history.


The Last Three Generations of Camry

Raise your hand if you even remember Camry from two generations ago. Somehow it managed to go round, and then squarish and then round again. I remember just being amazed by how nice the 2011 (bottom left) Camry was in SE. And they managed to make the 2014 refresh even better with the introduction of the XSE. And they launched it in that amazing red. My aunt actually got a black one last year and I get to see it every day now. But I put this on here because I HATE THE NEWEST (NEXT GEN) CAMRY ON HOW IT LOOKS BUT IT’S SUBJECTIVE AND TO EACH THEIR OWN.

Every Current Mercedes Sedan and their Predecessor Except the CLA

While size-wise, the S-Class compares with the A8, LS and 7-Series. I always thought it was a class above all by itself because at least for me personally, there’s no other car on the road quite like the S-Class. It really is in a class by itself. I remember liking the previous S-Class and E-Class (both the square light one and the round blobby light facelift) and I thought that they can’t possibly get better. BUT THEY DID. And now we have the current C, E and S-Classes.


The 6-Series

That Gran Coupe though.


Buick Lacrosse

Ya’ll need to see one in real life if you haven’t. The current one is beautiful.


Previous Generation and Current Honda Civic

Is it just me that has an unhealthy obsession with how nice the current Civic looks?


Last Generation GS and Current Generation GS

Back in 2011, I already loved the GS. My dad at this point was considering getting an LS at the time and I was trying to convince him to get one of those rare GS460s. I remember seeing them announce the new GS and I mentally almost fainted cause it looked so much better than the old one.


BONUS: Chevrolet Traverse

I loved the first Traverse that we got in the US. I thought it was a very honest looking car. And with the facelift it got some pretty cool tailights. It was my favorite Chevrolet HAHA more than a Corvette. Initially this post was my favorite AND LEAST FAVORITE revisions, but I couldn’t think of another revision I hated more than the newest Traverse.


Which ones did we agree on and are there revisions that I didn’t mention that you loved?

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