It doesn't matter if you're stealing precious jewels, famous artwork or cold-hard cash, you need the right vehicle to make sure you and your crew getaway without any heat. Looking for a set of preowned wheels to accompany you on your next heist? We have some ideas for you.

You need a car that doesn't draw attention, but still has enough power to flee the scene if things get ugly. You'll probably need some off roading power, too. Unlike Grand Theft Auto, you can't restart the mission when your Banshee flips over and catches fire. We're talking IRL here, so choose wisely.

Audi RS6


Specialty: Going fast while looking slow.

In a heist, you want to draw as little attention as possible, and there's no car that draws less attention that an Audi A6. Although the supped-up RS6 packs a twin turbocharged V8 that pumps out 450 horsepower underneath the hood, it looks almost identical to a regular A6. Find one in a nice beige and you'll be in the clear.

Volkswagen Golf TDI


Specialty: Going the distance with no extra stops.

Imagine you've just pulled off the heist of the century and you're on your way to the Mexican border, what's the last thing you want to do? Make extra stops. That's where the Volkswagen Golf TDI comes in handy. With an estimated 30/42 mpg and a highway range of almost 600 miles on a single tank, the Golf TDI will ensure you and your crew will be making the least amount of stops possible. Efficiency is good, but that doesn't mean you should go with an electric car.

Pro Tip: Find a 5th generation (2006-2010) Golf —It'll draw less attention than the new model.


Ford F350 SuperDuty


Specialty: Hauls anything and everything. Doesn't look weird when 4 dudes are traveling together.

A crew of adult men in any car is going to look suspicious, unless you have a good alibi. The Ford F250 provides that alibi for you. If you get pulled over, just claim you're a landscaping service or something. If you really want to get creative, slap an "Al's Landscaping" decal on the side and tow a trailer packed with lawnmowers, weedwackers and rakes.

The F250 also provides plenty of cargo space in the bed, although you have to be careful that nothing precious falls out or gets spotted easily. For really big items, towing a box trailer might be the way to go.


Mercury Sable LS


Specialty: Loads of cargo room, strong V6, Cheap

Even if you're on a budget or trying to keep overhead low, you can still find a great used car for your upcoming heist. Check out the Mercury Sable LS. The Sable comes in two body styles, a sedan or station wagon. While the station wagon offers more cargo room overall, the trunk on the sedan conceals the contents and should be spacious enough for most loot. The LS trim comes with a 200hp V6, which won't walk away from a police Crown Vic, but it'll give you a fighting chance if you end up in a high speed pursuit. Best of all, a Mercury Sable in heist-worthy condition can be found on Mojo Motors for under $3,000.

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6X6


Specialty: Off road capabilities, totally badass.

If you're "going in loud", it's a matter of getting what you want, leaving the scene and making it to the extraction point by any means necessary. For that, your best bet is the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6X6. Even with a twin turbo V8 making 536 horsepower, the G63 is not fast. But with 18 inches of ground clearance and fat beefy tires, it will run over anything in its path. The G63 6X6 can even inflate and deflate its tires from inside the car with the push of a button, providing extra traction through sand and mud. When subtlety isn't an option, the G63 AMG 6X6 is the next best thing.

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