I’m about two and a half weeks into my XJ-S adventure and I’ve been driving it about how you’d drive a 3rd-gen Camaro. Point, shoot. 5mph around a corner then goose the throttle for a burst of BLARHALHRARLHARH from the exhaust pipes and a satisfying torquey push into the seat (though, as I’ve learned, the car is actually slow as balls in a straight line it feels much faster than it is). Today for the first time I didn’t have a bunch of potential projectiles in the car or the trunk so I actually took some corners with a bit of enthusiasm. Car and Driver wasn’t exaggerating. “Immune to the laws of physics” is a good way of describing it. The harder I push the XJ-S in corners the harder it refused to acknowledge the concept of such frivolous things such as “momentum” or “body roll”. It wasn’t spritely, no, it’s no Miata but it remains stupidly composed on interchange ramps and vacant intersections ignoring that it’s a four-decade-old two-ton luxury car.

uuuuugggghhhhh it needs an LS.