Oppo, I'm in the process of moving across Canada to start a small homesteading farm. There are going to be apple trees, vegetable gardens, and the like; which will require hauling around dirt, water, and manure over some questionable terrain. Problem? I currently drive a Mk6 GTI. While it has enough grunt to move all my belongings, it lacks the ground clearance and traction I'll need.

Priorities are fuel economy, longevity, and practicality (in that order). So far I've been considering an Outback or Highlander hybrid, and I'd prefer something not a pickup truck.


Have This lovely lady for your trouble:

Edit: thanks for all your oppo-inions. Having 2 vehicles really opens up the options, I'll be test driving a few things but I'm leaning toward a 'work truck' for dirty jobs and maybe a TDI for road trips. My stubbornness had me stuck on an all-in-one solution.