I don’t mind holding your purse and all the clothes you’re going to try out eventually..... BUT!!!

To my fellow OPPOnauts that are not into going to malls or shopping centers but kind of have to Because we love our little ladies :] Usually, there is at least one boyfriend/husband chair somewhere in the store. You look around for a while and once you find it, it’s always taken by one lucky dude. Lately now that my wife is here in the America with me though, I’ve noticed that it’s not even there all together.


I guess she notices the same thing when I go shopping for..... wait, I get everything online lol :]

Still, it is very odd when you see a fellow dude holding all of his lady’s things with such a gloomy look on his face. Oh you know that look. You can tell he’s just thinking,“aaaargggg hurrry aarrrghhh!”


So.... obviously, why don’t architects build a room in every clothes/shoe/accessory store that features a:

-Tool box


-Junk Yard Car on jack stands


-And a sheet on the wall with various duties that can be done while she is shopping. From easy things like, “R&R door panel and window regulator.” to “replace valve guide seals” or “rebuild rear diff”.

You arrive to the store and your wife checks you in with the babysitter attendant in charge. Once she’s done, she can pick you up and you can head to the next store :]


Genius? I think YES!!!!

Only problem I see is that most of the younger dudes out there are the type of chaps that wouldn’t know what to do if you tell them to hand you a T27 security torx on a 1/4 to 3/4 adapter or a feeler gauge. But besides that, it’s win win :]


Also, our ladies are kind of relying on our opinion on clothes while shopping. Why? We don’t know anything and it will be more of a surprise once we see you in your new skirt dress shirt thingy :]


Ladies, any concerns?

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