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Best in Class*

*Only kinda, on one model

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I mean, it’s no surprise that the payload figure a truck maker touts is going to be in their special configuration where the max is. Jeep, though, I thought was a little deceptive in the reveal for the gladiator, making it sound like all versions would be all truck.

Sure 1600 lbs is more than the Colorado’s 1574 lbs max. The thing is, the Colorado range has a low payload figure about 1330 lbs, so even the wimp of the group (ZR2 diesel) gets decent payload.


Now, the Gladiator can surely handle 1600 lbs....In the sport trim, with the gas engine, and the manual. All other trims kinda fall off the map. Dropping down to only 1160 lbs for the Rubicon Auto (1200 for manual). Which if you are keeping track like I am (wait, you aren’t?) is actually a little less than the already sad 1175 lbs for the equivalent Toyota.

As a point of fact ONLY the sport trim manual and sport trim max towing package auto get payloads above 1200 lbs. And the Rubicon isn’t even the lowest number, which belongs to the 1105 lb auto sport trim without the towing package. So if you like the Gladiator and you are stoked to use it more as a versatile truck and less of a wangler then be sure to stick to sport trim, manual or with the towing package


In fact, as far as I can work out, it’s actually both not only best in class**...its also worst in class.  Well played!

p.s. I’m not trying to hate on the Gladiator, I’m legit glad it’s here, but well...I like numbers even if they make me a little sad.


That being said literally no one will care about the payload ratings just as they’ve always not cared so there is that too.

**Class being 4x4 midsize trucks...not counting 2wd

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