To be clear, we’re not cancelling the ‘Vettepocalypse.


It’s just likely to be delayed a year. My better half has desires to send the wee ones to a local private school, rather than public school. Look, say what you want, but really, is anyone happy with the current state of public schools?

It doesn’t matter. The wife wants what she wants. Anyway, if she makes that decision, then the ‘Vette purchase will simply wait another year or two for when she goes back to work to pay for all that fancy schooling. This is ok. Not as exciting as 12 months from now, but hey, the C7 GS will be down there in price by then, so all is not lost. Just a little sad. On the other hand, you all get to have a couple more years of me posting yellow cars.

I’m giving serious thought to looking at an electric or PHEV for my commute, since the “fuel” costs would be as much a as a Starbucks Latte a week for all the driving I do if I can charge off the grid at home, work, and school. The i3's are down in price, and the Volt is a decent car, I hear. Too bad there is no yellow option....