So going down the Wikipedia rabbit hole I stumbled across the M26, the US military’s 12 ton tractor trailer during WW2. First, I want one, because reasons. Here it is in all its glory. What’s not to love? 6x6, crew cab, removable top, and all the torques.

There is an up-armored version too called the M25.

The engine specs are on the order of slowly pull your house down with out breaking a sweat power level. From Wikipedia, “powered by a Hall-Scott 440 1,090 cu in (17.9 L) 6-cylinder gasoline engine developing 240 hp (180 kW) at 2000 rpm and 810 lbf·ft (1,098 N·m) at 1200 rpm”

So what was the nickname for this magnificent beast?

The Dragon Wagon!

This gets my vote for best nickname.