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Best Of Craigslist- '72 Ford F100

This is by far one of the best Craigslist ad's I've come across in awhile. If I had the $ laying around I'd go and see if my balls are "fully operating". Something tells me the guy who owns this thing would be fun to chat with.

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My trusty old F100 has to go. I need to make room in life for the most beautiful girl in the world and we're getting married soon. Consider this sale more of an adoption. I'm not just dumping the rig. It has to go to the right home and I'm flexible on price for someone who's going to use it for the right reasons. I'm a comedian by trade and this truck has driven from LA to Chicago on all of Route 66, it's been from Chicago to Boston then to Nashville and has seen all of the Natchez Trace. It has gone across hill country in Texas and spent a week deer hunting on a ranch in Austin. This vehicle is in need of someone who will love her and treat her kind and also ride her hard like she likes. You'll want to speak to me about it and I'll want to make sure you're not going to fix her up a bit and sell it on to some idiot who wouldn't take her on adventures or fill the back with camping equipment, guns and beer. The last mechanic to work on her hasn't seen anything so mechanically sound in ages and asked for first refusal in the sale. I've got a cushy fall-back for this but it involves getting it to Massachusetts. Needs some work and you must have a fully operating balls to acquire this vehicle.


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