Our blog at hwep.kinja.com is getting so popular that I've had to start splitting up the "Best of" posts to include all the incredible posts we're getting!

In this edition we have some incredible photography (and an upcoming contest), a vintage newsreel about Stirling Moss, great discussions, customs, an OFFICIAL Twitter account, Hot Wheels Exchange Program trades, and, of course, the HAWLS.

The mission statement of Live and Let Die-Cast (courtesy of LET'S JUST DRIVE IS MLKOBIAN)

We're open to all sorts of die-cast discussion no matter the brand, scale or your style of collecting, trading and possibly zipping around your living-room floor!

These are the some of the best posts from Sunday through Wednesday.

Photography has been a popular topic lately. We've even decided to run a contest! So if you've got a die-cast lying around, grab your camera and take a pic! We're taking submissions through May 14, 2014. The official rules are here. If you are not yet an member of Live and Let Die-Cast! just let us know in the comments and we'll give you authorship privileges.


Here's some of the best recent photography posts.

MYCARNEVERRUNS87 posted some pics of the Bone Shaker. This one is definitely a favorite of mine:


This post by SAABSTORY had some nice clean pics.

Love the Cool Classics series. The AMC Rebel looks great in that paint.

My Die-Cast Photo of the Day series is still running. Here's one I'm partial to:


And EL_ULY even gave photography a "try"

Incredible! Look at that depth of field!


As for the Hot Wheels Exchange Program (HWEP), a few choice die-casts were exchanged over the last few days.

SN210, TYPE-S traded for a C6 Corvette, which gave him every generation (in die-cast form at least). He also started a discussion on which cars you have, or hope to have, every generation of. Most people claimed Lambos, but that's just because their aren't that many!

FROSTED scored a sought after AE86. For those of us who can't obtain one, well, we will have to just make our own...


CIINUBBIN received two trades, one from CARNAGE717, including a sweet blue Datsun 620....and a Sandblaster


And from me he received:

In exchange, I scored a USS Enterprise and a Snoopy! My son promptly opened Snoopy and since he's detachable from his dog house, decided an upgrade in fire power was in order:


NEON - SMART STIG decided his collection and trade bait was too big for photos and posted a youtube video. The music is quite epic.

That picture was taken by RAZOE who actually works at the Mattel Archives!

WEBMONKEES posted a vintage newsreel of Stirling Moss playing with model cars with his wife! It's.....well you just have to watch it.

In a look at the darker side of collecting DIECAST PHOTOGRAPHY showed how easy it is to created an error called an "unspun".


ZEONTESTPILOT reviewed a really neat Corvette by Remco Steel Tec.

As far as customization goes CARNAGE717 has stripped some models and is looking for ideas.


Can't wait to see what he does with the Kombi!

I saved some big news for last. We have now joined the Twitter-verse! Find us @LaLDIECAST


And, of course, thebackbone of HWEP and what keeps us searching the pegs, the HAWLS:










.....and Doug DeMuro destroyed a Range Rover model