As requested by Matt Hardigree, I've looked through the last 24 hours (or so) of Oppositelock and gathered together the posts that people have put a good deal of effort into writing. I'm going to break this into two parts; best of Oppo and a round-up of things for #tips.


is why I disapprove when people dismiss FWD as being no good or call it "wrong wheel drive." This is American rally driver Chris Duplessis piloting an R2 Fiesta (~160 hp, FWD, minimal modifications from stock) at WRC Finland. Will it drift? Yes, yes it will.

Yes, We Can All Be Friends

It’s been a little while since I moved from the suburbs into midtown to be closer to Streetside HQ. One of the advantages of my proximity is the ability to ride my awesome bicycle all over the place. What? You exclaim. Stig rides a non-motorized vehicle? Fear not my friends. It’s only for exercise.…

When tech writers review cars: Tesla becomes Apple

Honda may be a closer analog than Apple. For most of its life, Honda's primary competitive advantage was superior engine technology - initially applied to 2-stroke and small engines and later, most profitably, to making bulletproof, high specific output engines. But a single technological advantage is not enough. Honda had to build its business through finding markets. It first sold economical cars to a gas crisis world. Later it sold reliability and eventually cut-rate luxury to a growing middle class. Superior engine tech was a great advantage for Honda, but knowing where to apply it and building a complete car around it have always been part of the equation.…


The Opposite Locker - Edition 7

This is The Opposite Locker where we try and sort out the cool from the square. You are free to discuss your point of view of the cars, on the board and up to bat, within the comments with an optional use of the "Anna Kendrick Test." This is a discussion system detailing how cool a car is, not how fast, fun, or frivolous it may be, but how well it looks in the cat's pajamas.…

BMW E36 Love Post

The 3 Series grows up. Enthusiasts saw it as the softening of their favorite compact executive. While less snappy and tail happy than its predecessor, the E30, it remained the sharpest driving tool in its class. Despite the perceived "softening", the overall package made it more appealing for everyone else.…


Ride Along as a Subaru Rally Car Barrel Rolls in Oregon

If you saw my photo thread from last weekend's Oregon Trail Rally, or the video of Antoine L'Estage's WRC Evo, you know the rally was an endless stream of carnage. Nick Roberts and Nick Judkins of the aptly named team Nicksquared were on their way to a top 10 overall finish (fourth in the Super Production class) when the car caught an embankment, causing it to veer off course and roll three times. Amazingly despite the damage Nick and Nick attempted to finish the stage, ultimately having to pull back off course a few miles down the road after the car began smoking.…

Sébastien Loeb Is Kind Of A Dick

Let's be clear about this: I like Sébastien Loeb. I like him because he's French. I like him because he started his career as a gymnast before switching to rallying, proof that a refined sense of balance is a driver's greatest asset.… (already shared to the front page but I'm including it anyway)


If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.