Gathered here are the Oppositelock posts that people have put a good deal of effort into writing from the last 24 hours. Today it includes warbirds in a hangar, a clarification on cold air intakes, why digital dashes need to go away and more.

Warbirds in the Hangar - F86Sabre

Today was our annual spring lunch for everyone at work. As part of the festivities they bring vendors in and this year the Commemorative Air Force brought some planes over. We painted the Dauntless and Mustang in our paint facility. Additional photos after the break...



Car ADD: The M Family's Middle Child - WhatDaFunk

You know that feeling you get, no matter how much you like the car you have you can't help but look at craigslist postings and wonder what else is out there? That's car ADD. I suffer from it, and I imagine a fair number of you do too, so let's indulge ourselves. Read more…


What is a Cold Air Intake? - Reborn Pyrrhic

I arrived at work a bit early today (actually 45 minutes early), and since I had to install a new air filter on my Peugeot 205 CTI, and I had the filter and necessary tools in my trunk I decided to do it right then and there… So there I was, filter box out of the car, turning tiny nuts when a buddy of mine from work come over. He drives a 2008 Dodge Charger SRT8 that is heavily modified…We're looking around the engine bay when I casually point at the long black hose that leads from in front of the radiator to the air filter box, and I say “the car even has a factory cold air intake”. “That's a not a cold air”, he says. I ask him why isn't it a cold air. “It's not aftermarket” he retorts. Read more…


Another weekend, another big race I'm not going to this year - The Scrambler

Memorial Day weekend means a lot of things, but for me it has always only meant one; the Indianapolis 500. My obsession started when I was a wee baby Jimal and my parents took me to Time Trials in 1972, but it wasn't until 2006 that I finally got around to attending the 500 itself in person. Read more…

Save the Gauges: 5 Reasons Why the Digi-Dash Fad Needs to Die - MailboxCancer


I'm depressed nowadays. Cars are getting too expensive, too complicated, and too automated. Now, in our glorious digital age, we have this weird need to add apps and touch screens to everything when it was perfectly fine in original form. Enter the gilded era of the digital dash. Ugh. Read more…

Dites-Moi Pourquoi? 1998 Subaru Legacy GT Berline - TheDailyTurismo

Can you put aside your long held prejudice against high-mileage, salt-crusted Subarus and learn to love an all-wheel-drive 5-spd manual equipped French-Canadian Legacy GT? Read more...


GOTCHA! You just clicked a banner ad, sucker! - Juan Barnett

Edmunds finds a new use for banner ads - turning them into buttons! Click, click, cha-ching, cha-ching! Last night I went to to do my weekly browsing-of-incentives, when I noticed a crafty, dare I say sneaky, form of click through advertising. Read more…



What Maketh A Gentleman... Edition? - Mikeado

It was announced last week that France, which is where the French live, will be receiving the Nissan GT-R Gentleman Edition. Well, not everybody in France. That would be obscenely expensive. In fact, only ten people will be able to buy one, although which ten people they didn't say. They did say that it will cost whichever French gentlemen it may be the princely sum of €97,900 (approximately £83,500). That is most certainly an amount of money. But what does maketh a Gentleman Edition? Read more…


Aussie Ford Friday: The FPV F6 not the engine you would expect - Who Needs Swaybars Anyway

Like most americans you would think seeing the Aussie muscle cars that they were dominated by big V8 power and torque. However until the introduction of the Coyote V8 into the lineup of the FPV Falcons, the most powerfull option was actually the turbocharged 4.0l l6 motor dubbed the Barra 310t FG. Read more…


Let me tell you a story about Jaguar - YourStereoTypicalIndian

This is a Jaguar C-type and it won Le Mans on its first try in 1951 and then it won again in 1953. What happened in 1952 though? Well lots of things happened, and it ends up being slightly funny, to me at least. Read more…

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