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I see some people have wondered what has happened to the Best of Oppo so I'll just shed some light.


I've fallen behind before and subsequently caught up but after ~a year of doing BoO feature the time input required for each post (1-2 hours per post, at least) has gotten to be a bit onerous. Not to go into details but things in my personal life have compounded this demand on my time.

Before anyone asks, I was not paid for my work and while it was discussed, compensation from Gawker just wasn't in the cards. [Please don't take that as a criticism of Jalopnik or Matt; I think he has done and is doing a great job with the site.]


I enjoy(ed) doing the feature because people seem(ed) to appreciate seeing their posts get some deserved attention. It is(was) rewarding, in its own way.

I want to, at some point, continue doing the Best of Oppo, but will have to rethink the way it is done. For now, it is in limbo.


/I think I still have a mostly finished one on my computer, maybe I'll post it tonight.

//added a pretty picture for your time

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