The most interesting and/or worth saving vehicles the local list of Craig has to offer. Under $1000, freedom units.

For a dollars under the budget, hereā€™s a somewhat rare manual Nissan with a funky removable roof system and a surprisingly clean looking interior.

Body, paint, and interior look great. Mechanical issues, but it sounds like itā€™s been well loved with plenty of receipts for work done. $600, and I imagine showing up with a flatbed and cash in hand could bring that price down even further. Wouldnā€™t make a bad project....

Paint is atrocious, and those might just be the worst OEM gauges Iā€™ve ever seen, but a running eclipse for under a grand? Would make a great no-fucks-given vehicle.


For some reason, this strikes me as a very bad idea... Read the listing


Okay, obviously that last one is a no-go. But you still want that sweet, sweet Benz lifestyle, you say? Well here you go. Itā€™s even a wagon. It, uh.... Does need a torque converter...

Bonus round: $800 questionably modded A6 for those in need of wallet slimming. Remember, the purchase price is just the tip of the iceberg