I had this section 'under construction' when I made the post and proceeded to let it slip my mind. I just rectified this and completed the post. These posts definitely deserve a look. Cheers.

JACU and his wife took a driving vacation in their s2000. Jbh had a very Porsche-y day. Stevo777 took some pictures of his F10. -Amateur held a Hot Wheels snow rally. Twinturbobmw posted photos from Portland C&C and took photos and video of a 991 GT3. Rattleface Blouses also attended PDX C&C. Patrick George spotted the best car wash sign ever. Slow4o finished installing the Watts link in his Mustang and posted photos from his favourite shop. Goggles Pizzano picked up some very cool die-casts. DanMosqueda got some new rims for his e46. Decay did a photoshoot with some Toyobarus. TA4K30 posted photos from the Ferrari Festival of Motor Racing in NZ. WhiskeyGolf replaced his Golf, with a Golf. ShiftsAndGiggles engaged in some snowy shenanigans. CrazedClay reviewed the 2013 Compass and looked back through his vehicular history with some old photos. Victorious Secret got to drive a Ferrari FF and Maserati Ghibli. Echo51 ran into the Danish Corvette owners club. Battery Tender Unnecessary shared some video of his e39 M5. Team5.0 drifted his Mustang 5.0.