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Best overland 2018 update

I’m doing the numbers for the best overlander 2018 and I’m checking in to see if I’m missing anything. This doesn’t include full size trucks and vans, btw. Bold is new for 2018 review

  • Land Cruiser
  • 4Runner TRD off road with KDSS
  • Tacoma TRD off road (quad short)
  • Tacoma TRD PRO
  • LX570
  • GX460
  • G550 (wish I could get decent specs on the 2019...might be left off)
  • JLU 2.0/3.6/ED* EcoDiesel numbers are somewhat of a guess but many are confirmed
  • Grand Cherokee (what flavor? Just the Trailhawk 3.6/ED? Laredo?)
  • Cherokee trailhawk
  • Discovery TD6
  • Discovery sport (for some reason)
  • Range Rover TD6
  • Frontier Pro 4X
  • Armada SV
  • QX80
  • Colorado z71 (3.6/2.8)
  • Colorado ZR2 (3.6/2.8)

I could add in the 4runner TRD pro...i probably will just because but it will lose to the regular TRD in value so who knows.


Have I forgotten about any (legitimate) contenders here?

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