I was born in the wrong body, I should have been born a 5'11" future F1 champ. I was actually born a 6'5" car enthusiast. Even though I love basketball, I've never been good at it or played competitively. Beyond potential basketball success being a tall person actually comes with very few benefits, and a plethora of problems such as, impossible to find clothes that fit, air travel is a nightmare, and most importantly all of the most fun cars are designed with people 6"-8" shorter than me.

Clearly cars like the Mazda Miata are out of the question. They are simply too small for me to drive for more than a few minutes. But even cars I actually fit in have height related problems. For instance, I "fit" into a Honda S2000, but my legs are always making contact with the steering wheel because of my gangling long legs(37" inseam). This is a very common problem with most cars, which are small and lack adequate movement of the steering wheel. I wish all cars came with telescoping and height adjustable steering wheels. Heck, even pick up trucks can pose a problem, as bench seats in standard cab trucks don't go back very far.

I have owned 3 cars in my life and two of them were Acura Integras. Even though I fit in the car it was not an ideal situation. My legs were always touching the steering wheel and proper heel-toe downshifting was impossible. Despite that issue, I miss my old GSR more than I ever expected. The car was light and the motor loved to rev.

My current Mazdaspeed 3 is actually much better. This car really shows how much nicer cars have gotten since the 1990s. The steering wheel adjusts to give me a perfect driving position and the pedals are placed for perfect heel-toe downshifts! Even with my seat adjusted for me, passengers can actually use the rear seat as well, something which was impossible in the old Integra, in sedan or coupe format.


What cars have you all found suitable for a taller person?