My car ADD is still going strong and, while I truly intended on keeping my Lexus indefinitely, I’ve started to think that I should’ve considered trucks when I picked it up, specifically a similar-age Frontier or Tacoma, with V6 power. The Taco is, of course, a bit more expensive, but the Frontier should come right around where my Lexus is valued.

I’d need a crew cab (or whatever they call the four-door variants), but think an honest little truck could be a better addition long-term than the Lexus, given its utility and towing ability for the four or five days per year I’d really need it ;).

Where would be a few good place to offer up the trade beyond Craigslist? I doubt I’ll get any interest, but I figured it might be worth a try. The Lexus is set to get a full paint correction and ceramic coating next month, so if I haven’t made it happen by then, I’ll just keep it given the investment.