Alfa’s “Busso” powerplant is the classic auto journo example of a V6 that sounds great. And they’re right! Back in the day, a college friend let me drive his 164; it was glorious. But what about less obvious choices? What does Oppo think?

Say what you want about Maserati’s move into the entry level luxury segment - the SQ4 sounds GOOD. It has I6-esque metallic valvetrain noise in the upper rev range, and they sound cool burbling around town too. Props to this gentleman for thrashing his Italian sports sedan in the snow, that looks like a lot of fun.

Volkswagen’s VR6 AKA “the wookie” makes a great noise, which is how it got that nickname. It’s an extremely narrow angle motor with one head for both banks, but still a V6 in my book.

I’m a big fan of older, less refined V6s, especially if they’re carb’d instead of FI. Wasting fuel sounds excellent, like this quick clip of a Ferrari Dino proves. I can’t believe these were so cheap for so long. They’re gorgeous.

So Oppo - what have I missed?