Best Things to See in a Small Town

SSo I am reading Drew Magary’s column tonight, way late for the comment party, and see the first question, best things you commonly see driving through a small town. Man what an opportunity missed, the best things didn’t make the list.

1. Old independent or small chain ice cream store. The kind where you park in a gravel lot, walk up, and order through a screen. Bonus if the have a grill


2. Old railway station, either abandoned with some vintage luggage carts or whatever around, or small museum, or repurposed but still kept somewhat original.

3. Old gas/service station, couple bays, interesting architecture, maybe some vintage signs still hanging about. I so want to buy one, clean it up, and work on my cars in it.


4. Park with WWII plane or tank or steam locomotive. When I was a kid there was a park within walking distance with a Corsair, a lot of these went away, but still a few in small town America.

5. Real motel, with a small office and individual little janky cabins.

I could write this list on 5 different days and put it in a different order each time, but number one would stay number one because “cones, malts, sundaes and freezes”

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