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Best value to cost ratio pick up on the market

Oppo, what do you think is the best new pick up truck on the market for around $30-35k?

Basically, my father in law’s old Dodge RAM 2500 just got totaled because of hail damage. He wants to replace it with another truck, but can step down to a 1500 as he doesn’t have to haul the trailer he used to.


I think the requirements are:

-Full size truck, so no Taco/Colorado/Canyon

-Crew/Quad cab - whatever has normal doors for the back seats

-V8 or turbo V6

-longest bed option, as he still hauls two humongous dog kennels for his hunting dogs


-as good fuel economy as one can get out of a modern pickup

-as close to $30k as possible

He’s 60+ and he probably will never sell this, so resale value is moot point. But, something that can last him until he croaks would be good.

My option 1: I am thinking of a 2018 RAM 1500 with a quad cab and 6'4" bed and V8 Hemi. I’m pretty sure one can be had for $10000 under MSRP without too much trouble. I think he can pick a few different modes at $35k or less. Downside is 17mpg combined

Option 2: Ford F150 with a 2.7L Turbo is interesting as well - I think we can find one with $7000+ discount and it has the best MPG (21mpg combined) out of 3/4 ton trucks if you don’t count regular V6 (non turbo models), and it is still powerful enough to hustle with a sense of urgency when you step on it. I think $35k would give him a decently loaded one.


He does like power, so 3.5L V6 ecoboost is not out of realm of possibility, and the new Silverado with 6.2 V8 420HP is sweet, but those would probably end up being around 50k.

Oppo hive mind, your thoughts?

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