It’s taken me 153 hours, and about six months, to get here, but HOLY FUCK WAS THAT GOOD.

I’ve played more video games than I’ve seen films, or read books - and, as an English Lit student, I’ve read a lot of bloody books - but this... This is it. I’ve never had a more fulfilling experience with a game before. Nor has any other game’s ending ever managed to catapult me from despondent to outright joyful with such deftness.

Now, if they could just get a bloody move on and translate the rest of the novels, that’d be just peachy. I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it quite so much if I hadn’t already been so attached to the characters, before I even started.

(It’s The Witcher 3, just to be clear.)


I actually finished Dragon Age: Inquisition pretty recently, too. My take: better than a lot of people give it credit for, particularly in this post-Witcher world, but still not a patch on The Witcher 3.