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Best Volvo Wagon to Buy? Potential Buyer Inside!

Alright everyone,

I have conversed with the girlfriend and she is aware, although not enthused, on my desperate desire of a Volvo Wagon. So, I'm reaching out to you fellow Opponauts to see exactly what I should be looking for!

This is mainly going to be my DD, however I planned on doing a little bit of modding and major tuning-up before throwing it into DD status. I wanted a turbo model and prefer a manual (of course) but would be happy with even an N/A wagon. I had planned on either taking the block apart and giving it a run through at some point, given that most have 100,000+ miles, or swapping in a lower mileage motor or turbo motor if found cheap. However I'd like it to be able to get me through winter before I absolutely HAD to do anything to the motor.


So is there a particular model or year anyone recommends? Any particular issues I should look out for? I'm a fan of 850s, but open to anything!

tl;dr version: Recommend a Volvo wagon that won't have my girlfriend throwing me into the lake afterwards.

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