I won’t spoil the asking price, but this looks like quite the build. Right now the bid is at $15,580 and well below reserve, I’m sure.


  • B18C from an Integra Type-R (200hp, 1400lb)
  • Integra 5-Speed with LSD (FWD)
  • SPAX Adjustable coilovers
  • Wilwood “performance” brakes (about as small as they come, I’d say)
  • Honda gauges, electrics, key, etc.


Scroll down to the bottom of the ad to find the asking price. Yowza.

You’d think for $50,000 they would have gone all-out and put in the AWD from a CR-V. They sell kits for that, too. Still, gorgeous ride. I don’t think I’d ever VTEC swap mine, but if I did this is probably what I’d try to do.


Any guesses on the final sale price? I’m going to wager that it will be bid up to about $28k - but won’t hit the reserve price.