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Best Way to remove Surface Rust?

Maybe the collective mind of Oppo can help me with figuring out what the best way of doing this might be.

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Like you can see in the photo I have some surface rust on my Lincoln’s doors and trunklid where some of the protective sealant got brittle and fell off. I’d like to get rid of it completely and make sure that it doesn’t come back. What would be the best way of tackling this? I know there are rust converters and paints that you just cover the rust with, I’m not sure if I could trust this stuff though as it might not be able to penetrate the rust deep enough and the same spots would come back again.

I thought about getting Hammerite’s Rust Remover Gel as it is a proper rust remover, the gel should help keeping it on the doors as well. I would cover the area with some primer once the rust is gone, that should do I guess?


Any other suggestions?

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