I’ve always done Craigslist in the past, but I think I’m going to need to branch out for my next batch. What’s the best gamble? Ebay? Mecum/Barret? BaT? Hemings? Something else I don’t know about yet?

Car 1: is actually a Jeep. A final year XJ cherokee in a ridiculously rare combination of 2-door manual transmission 4x4. Oh, and it has under 97k original miles and has spent its life in a rust-free climate. I don’t want to sell this one because I’ll probably never have another this good, but profit. Estimate value $8-10k


The second car is the TA, my 1-of-2000 1981 Pontiac Trans Am Daytona pace car. 57k miles all-original no-rust time capsule. Estimate value of $20-30k

Lastly, is my Tundra I don’t need to sell, but would for the right price. 4.7, 2wd TRD with relatively low miles at 144k and major service performed at 90k. I’d love to get over $10k for it, but realistically should range from $6-8k depending on the market.


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