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Best Way to Stock Up on Brake Cleaner?

I hate spending $4-5 a can. Surely it can be had for less.

Having a parts washer is great, but it doesn’t completely eliminate the need for brake cleaner. I’m okay with buying a 12-pack if that’s a good way to unlock a great deal.


Sometimes I can find store brand cans for about $3 each. And I know Walmart carries their Super Tech stuff at about $2 per can... Is there any reason to avoid the cheap stuff? Is it actually worth spending a little extra on brands like CRC, 3M, etc?

I have to admit, I don’t know anything about brake cleaner formulas except that nowadays there are both chlorinated and non-chlorinated varieties.


And I don’t want to overlook price-per-ounce. A quick search is turning up all kinds of 10oz, 14oz, 19oz etc. results. Makes it hard to compare without an actual price-per-ounce tool. All other things being equal, it would be reasonable for a 19oz can to cost nearly twice as much as a 10oz can.

Do you prefer to stock up, or just buy a can or two when needed? Have you developed any brand or formula preferences?


[UPDATE 09/24/2018- Best deal I’ve found so far is at Menards, at about $0.13/oz.]

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