Best Winter Beater?

Any of these will work better in the snow than ANY of the previous suggestions. If you want something good in snow, get something DESIGNED FOR THE SNOW. Also, They aren't as tall and clumsy as a truck, and they ooze character.

1. Dog Sled:


Found these dogs in your area:

Oh he's Cute, but he's got STRENGTH.


FIND IT! He is Italian, se he probably is at a dark warehouse eating a meatball sub and torturing Jerry who didn't pay his tip to the Mafia. When you get him, your sled will go like hell.


At last, you wanted to be powered by a boxer engine? There you go

Here is my second option:

2. Santa Christmas Sled


I know you are feeling this

As always, got you covered. This one is Horse Drawn, so lets find you a horse.


Here you go: $3,500 Bucks for it. Go nuts.


As always, I love giving advice, even when there just isn't a car good enough to decide!

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