I'm looking at getting a winter set of tires for the Miata. There's just all seasons on the car now, and last winter was scary. The tire size I'd go with is 185/65/14 or 185/60/14. The 60 series is stock size, but my speedometer reads a bit high, so going with a slightly taller tire wouldn't hurt. The models I'm considering are:

Dunlop Winter Maxx

Michelin X-Ice 3

Pirelli Winter Carving Edge

Bridgestone Blizzak(not sure which version yet)

I know the Blizzaks are pretty popular, but I'd like input from real world experience. I need as much snow/ice grip as possible, as there's no traction control, abs, nanny systems, etc. I don't really "need" snow tires here in VA, but the Miata is my only car and I don't want to be stuck cause I can't safely drive. Plus, I want to get summer tires soon anyways, and those definitely can't be run in Winter.


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