Whats the best X Litre Engine is a new mini-not-actually-real- series I have just thought off. It will only consist of answering the question in the comments with what you think is the best answer.

What is the best "X" Litre engine? Each time, the "X" will be substituted with a random number that pops into my head. For example: 1.2, I will give my choice of best 1.2 Litre displacement engine, and I will read all of yours.

To start off, I will choose 3.2 Litres. What is the best 3.2 Litre engine?

My choice: 2004 Golf R32 VR6 (Or how I like to call it VR-Sex) 24 Valve.

237 HP 236 lb ft Revving to 6,500 RPM and singing the nicest note this side of 100K.

Skip to 2:45 to see why I chose this dream car of mine.