First, I apologise for not making one of these earlier, I have been occupied to the brim of crap. To compensate, I have a treat for you, since the engineI choose is from the 997 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

I didn't know which colour of 911 GT3 RS I liked the most. So I just put all of these! Also, Bonus Cayenne and bright yellow Carrera GT in a "I'm looking at you new generation" pose.

The 3.8 Litre Flat six of this car comes with a meaty 450hp and 331 torques that sends them right from the tail of the car through a manual gearbox. Only the GT3 RS comes with the 15Hp bonus over the 435 HP GT3. The sound this makes getting all that power to the rear wheels is simply a gorgeous, exhilarating tone that just sounds right.

No wonder Richard Hammond chose it to fight against the 458 Italia, and Mercedes Benz SLS AMG his fellow mated brought for comparison.


So tell me Opponauts, what is the best 3.8 Litre engine?