Yes, for the third car in a row, my ride has already rung up a repair bill well into the thousands of dollars. This happened with my last car, a supposedly-durable Lexus LX470. After that car needed nearly $5,500 in work within a few months of my owning it, I decided to dump it and replace it with a clean, rebadged Subaru WRX. A few weeks ago, I dropped it off at the shop to get the valve cover gaskets replaced and a bit of minor bodywork done. While there, it turned out to need an entire brake replacement (all parts) as well as a fairly extensive suspension rebuild, and a bunch of other things that I can’t recall without the reciepts currently in front of me. The total cost of those repairs was around $4,000, which was more than I paid for the car even with the PPI. But naturally, we weren’t done there. When I picked the car up, I immediately realized the power steering had gone completely. I drove it back to the shop after making it all of a few blocks, where they found the power steering fluid to be full and determined the pump had failed. The shop owner, a friend of ours, ordered a new pump and since the car was still drive-able, I kept using it. That was about a week and a half ago. Yesterday, even before we had the chance to fix the steering, the turbo let go. Over about 4,000 RPM the car suddenly stops pulling nearly as hard, as though the wind has suddenly come out of its sails. It shudders and the CEL comes on. For a while it was on and off, but now it stays on, and like I said, I’m almost certain the turbo isn’t holding pressure. It’s heading back into the shop tomorrow, and I don’t want to know what the bill is going to be. Anything more than a few hundred dollars and I’m going to simply get rid of it and not replace it. I’m so done with cars right now I can’t even tell you.

UPDATE: It was just a bad coil, not the turbo. Still not fun, but a few hundred total for that and the steering pump rather than a few thousand. Hopefully I’m done with repairs for a while.