First off, I think it’s hilarious that Tesla was able to get away with convincing people that they were actually going to release a $35k long range car. And it’s even funnier that so many people are willing to spend around $50k to beta test the Model 3.

It’s quite frustrating that Tesla sells as many cars as they do even though they’re not complete, and by modern standards they’re shit.

But it’s also frustrating people continually drink the Musk kool-aid. No one seems to have a problem with them releasing a half assed car and only promising improvements after CR and other outlets come out and call their products shit. And let’s say they do improve the cars, what about the early adopters? Do they get those improvements, or is that just the cost of beta testing?

For now I’ll just sit back and continue to laugh at the comments of Tesla haters and fanbois alike. It’s pretty hilarious to see them figure out how the brakes be sent OTA updates.