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Better Half: BMW 228i M shopping

Looks like the better half is going to custom order an Estoril Blue, brown leather, BMW 228i with the M sport package and a stick shift. I'd like to think I had something to do with that fantastic choice! (I will be jealous in my FR-S).

We had the opportunity to look at a white M235i and black 228i this weekend and were very surprised at how fantastic and fun these cars are. The turbo 4 is really a hoot and the 235i power isn't really needed! Great cars, I think BMW has done a terrific job listening to the enthusiasts out there. Performance, tech, interior, and overall finish are spot on.


Compared to my FR-S the torque was very accessible and immediate, with the steering feel / agility only slightly behind. Much better fit and finish, obviously. Here's to hoping those 4-8 weeks of waiting aren't unbearable.

Hat tip to Steven's Creek BMW for being relaxed and very helpful in a sea of otherwise terrible salesmen.

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