Hey Guys,

I’m looking at houses now and have a pretty common dilemma. My current commute is almost negative minutes, so I know any house will be a big change, but what am I willing to accept for what payoff?

Got my cracked windshield replaced, took them 4 tries but they had great customer service.

I do a lot of research so I’ve seen a bunch of answers to this question. Essentially it boils down to get a lesser house for a smaller commute if the commute will ruin your life and you don’t care as much about your house specs, or get a better house if you like driving and it isn’t horrible traffic. However, I haven’t really seen a lot of responses from the enthusiast perspective.

My Cayman is my only car, and I love driving it pretty much every time I get to. So by that measure a commute that isn’t stop-and-go should be an increase to my happiness if not a net neutral at least. On the other hand, what if having to wake up earlier and come home later while not being paid for the time I’m dealing with other drivers makes me not like my car as much? (No I’m not going to buy a cheap commuter car and relegate the Cayman to weekends.)

I just like the texture of rain drops. But my new place will have a garage.

Where I live definitely won’t have nice twisty back roads or anything. My max distance would be about 20 miles which is a conservative increase of 10K miles a year. I regularly go about 12K currently and that’s with no commute, so what if I start putting 20K+ miles per year on my Cayman? Even with a better fuel economy on those commutes vs. my current one, it’s still going to be over $1000 more in gas alone, I’ll have more oil changes (which I do myself but still about $80). My other wear items will wear faster and replacements/maintenance will increase on a not-so-cheap car. I can afford this all, I just want to be as informed as possible.

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