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Better late than never guide for where to eat at the SOFR

Earlier I had mentioned posting a guide for where to eat in Chillicothe for the Southern Ohio Forest Rally but I’ve been busy and never got around to doing it. I figure I can at least take a few minutes and put something together for you guys.

Before we get started on where to eat let’s talk about the schedule.

Friday will be in McArthur and if I’m honest I don’t know a lot about the food there so I’d recommend getting food at the parc expose or the service area. The only two things I can offer advice on is McArthur is the biggest town so if you do want to go to a restaurant then that would be the place to do it and the only one I can tell you anything about besides McDonald’s is Giovanni’s Pizza. I haven’t been to that one in particular in a while but they are a medium sized chain shop and they all tend to be a pretty safe bet.


On to Saturday and I can offer some real advice. Crispie Creme donuts are no joke and you should definitely get some for breakfast at the parc expose or you could even stop in their shop on 2nd and bridge as it’s only a few blocks from the parc.


For lunch it depends on what you’re in the mood for.


If fried chicken is what you’re after then Sack n Save makes the best in town and it’s just down on the corner of Main and Mulberry.


If it’s burgers you crave then you can not do better than Carl’s Townhouse down at 2nd and Walnut. Just make sure if you go to Carl’s you get in early to beat the lunch rush as it gets crowded fast.


Lastly if you’re in the mood for barbeque you should check out Old Canal Smoke House on Water and Mulberry.

Not only are these some of the best places to eat in Chillicothe but they’re all walking distance from the parc expose.

For dinner if you like fair food I’d just eat at the fairgrounds.

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