I’ll have a more complete update later, but I spent all day yesterday working on the Chevelle, including installing new headers that don’t interfere with the clutch linkage interfere with the clutch linkage a lot less. This means I got to pull the plugs out, which other than #1's crustiness, look a lot better than I expected.

To be fair, it’s been sitting for months and I don’t remember if before parking it I was romping on it or just idling around. These also only have a couple hundred miles on them.

While I run out to grab some lunch shortly, I do need to get a shorty plugs just because of #6. The other 7 cylinders have excellent plug access (for headers) but they either forgot about #6 or gave up on trying to make it accessible. 1/4" between the end of the plug and the #6 primary tube...

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