Update 12/8/17

Claim approved. Quote from my shop approved. Check is in the mail. Scheduled for repairs Monday of the week after next. (12/18/17)

I also have a rental authorization, but I don’t think I’ll use it? The Alfa should be out of the shop by then and the Saab is running well enough. Oh and also the Volvo...


Funny, when I called the adjuster, she looked at my estimate and said “You sure this is for the right car? They’re usually way more than that!”

Luck was with me, I guess.

Original post from 12/7/17

So last night was the first time we were going to drop below freezing. Knowing the Landy’s coolant was sub-par, I was planning on changing the coolant. On the way to do so, I whacked my elbow on a door frame, and decided working on the car could wait.

Then I got a knock on the door.

While I was sitting at the computer lamenting my boo boo, my neighbor’s wife backed into my street parked Landy.


Oh fate, you are a fickle bitch.


The damage LOOKS bad, but there is little to no sheet-metal damage that I can see. Also very cool of them to come and fess up.

I took it to my body shop this morning and they wrote an estimate for $1,800, which should be just out of totaling range, which is good.


All in all... not too bad.

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