My wife’s boss is finally getting rid of her ancient Altima and wants to replace it with her favorite all-time car, a Maxima. Whatever.

Anyways she is super frugal and wants a used one. She asked me to ask around for opinions on the practical differences between a previous gen model (2009-2014) vs a 6th gen, likely ‘07-’08, and why she should consider one over the other. I explained they were different platforms, the newer one had more bells and whitles, more power, a standard CVT... but they’re a lot more expensive.

She doesn’t want to spend more than $15k.

So is mileage an issue with these, like over 100k being any sort of threshold for major looming problems? How do the interiors and electrics hold up? Any other well-known issues? This is Texas so rust is not a problem.


Honestly I’d written off Nissan after a couple of family members had horrible experiences in the 90’s and early 00’s. Poor build quality, cheap materials, and generally crappy cars. I admit I’m surprised at the reliability scores on TrueDelta, although the sample size isn’t huge. Edmunds is similarly bog on the newer cars.