Between the Gambler 500, Pride, motorcycles, fangirling over Harley-Davidson, and planning for the next Gambler 500, I’ve not really updated the shitshow that is my life!

A lot of this is bucket list stuff with the others being goals I had for 2019 like resolving the foreclosure and getting things better with my parents.

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  • Jumped a car - Check!
  • Went on an offroad adventure on a scooter - Check!
  • Killed a car - Check!
  • Bought a car/truck that’s not a smart - Check!
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  • Found a type of motoring I really love - Check! Offroading.
  • Bought a manual car/truck - Nope
  • Finished my offroad smart - Nope
  • Found an ideal motorcycle stable - Almost! Notice how I haven’t bought a bike in a while, there’s a reason for that.
  • Sold some motorcycles - ALL my scooters.
  • Fixed the 451's ABS problem - Meh, no real need until Fall.
  • Got the 450 cabrio running and driving again - Sooooo close, need a couple more tools.


  • Foreclosure nightmare - Resolved! My mom is filing for bankruptcy and it appears I will no longer have any responsibility for the loan. Thanks IM and colleague!
  • Losing weight (again) - 20 pounds since April, 30 to my initial goal weight!
  • Relationship with my parents - Getting better! I instituted a hard rule of no money. It was hard at first but they seem to be accepting the reality. Meanwhile, my dad is cancer-free! Their home is as chaotic as ever, but at least our relationship has been on the upswing. Still keeping my distance.
  • Eating disorder - Still working, but getting better with it.
  • Finding a “best day of my life” that isn’t tied to a previous relationship - Gambler 500!
  • Making better IRL friends to replace the abusive ones - Yeet! :D
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  • Name/Gender legal change - Working on it! Just found out that it’s far cheaper to change your name in a conservative IL county than it is in a liberal one.
  • Surgery - Not sure if I’ll come even close to this in 2019. My new insurance isn’t all that hot.
  • Student Loans - Still working on getting the ITT Tech loans discharged.
  • Credit/Savings - Savings looking better since I started my “NO” policy with my parents and credit is slowly recovering from all my 2018 gut punches.


  • Learn how to shoot a gun - Surprisingly I really want to learn how to shoot. I wouldn’t want to own a gun, but I’d love to know what the experience is like and see how good I could be. Any advice? There’s a shooting range a mile from home!
  • Changed my career - I’ve decided to stay in tech, but double down with being in K12 tech, so being a sysadmin for a school district.
  • YouTube - This has been the hardest thing to get back going. I love filming videos...hate editing them.
  • Motorcycle Demo Days - I really need to get into these things.
  • Dating - I’ve somehow found out how to enjoy single life for the first time in my life. :)

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