Beware - GMC Terrain Unintended Off Road Acceleration

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Pushbutton gear selection is a un-needed solution that might kill you if you are standing around a new Terrain.


My father’s friend had a loaner and was parking. Per his report;

“She is older but competent. Driving a loaner while her car was being serviced. Arrived at daily mass and parked in regular place. Pushed the wrong button and jumped the low curb and hit a iron railing along a steps dead-on. Accordioned about 8 ft. of rail while taking out the left headlight. 2 or 3000 dollars damage total, maybe more. Yuck. Shook her up. Needed a driver after mass to take her home. Afraid of the car. Feel sorry for her.”.


It’s what happens when marketing and product planning types make engineering decisions. They do stuff for originality, forgetting that people need to operate this stuff while being distracted.

Similar to the the time that the product planning folks decided the key was too stiff and made it easier to turn......


Here’s an article on it...

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