One of the things I hear people complain about often is the “dealer warranty.” That is, you bought a used car and the selling dealer threw in its own warranty. Usually something slipshod like “3 months/3K miles - Eng/Trans.” Gee - what could go wrong there?

In the land of warranties, there is the glovebox warranty - the one that comes with a new car and is described in the warranty booklet in the glovebox. Hence, the name.


Then there are third-party warranties (and service contracts) where someone other than the seller or manufacturer will (may) fix your car if/when it breaks down.

And finally, I often hear about the vague warranty given by the seller, often evidenced by nothing more than a couple of words and word fragments written on the Buyer’s Guide. What are the terms and conditions of the “3-mo’s/3K mi - Eng./Trans” warranty? Your guess is as good as mine.

But neither of us will guess as good as the dealer - who is the one who will be telling you what is really covered by that warranty. And that is usually what he/she feels like fixing before he/she gets tired of your whining.

So this week’s podcast explains this and more. For one thing, there is one bright side to these warranties which I suspect the dealers don’t want me to tell you (it prohibits them from selling you the car as-is.) So, here is the audio:


And the video:

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