Oppo, I’ve tried two of the Beyond Meat Products. Overall, I’m impressed. Have a weiner-mobile!

First up: burgers.

Taste: not bad. Pretty good, actually. If you are making a patty-on-a-bun burger, you’ll know it’s not beef. If you’re making a bacon cheeseburger, you won’t know the difference. Light years ahead of anything I’ve ever tried, though.


Cooking: impressive. Here’s how much fat rendered in a cast iron pan

They also work great on a grill.

Next up: brats


Taste: fucking impressive. We have a pork free household, and brats are one of the things you just can’t seem to recreate with other meats. I’ve had chicken “brats”, and they taste like chicken with brat seasoning. These things tasted like brats. Smell like brats, too. I was amazed. Only thing missing is the juiciness when you bite in.


Cooking: cooks up great. While I had the lid off the grill to flip the veggies, I had the coals flare up under the brats. Like the burgers, they release a good amount of fat while they cook.

Overall, I gotta say I’m impressed.

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