My little girl loves rides. Car rides, magic laundry basket rides, toy lawnmower name it. If it goes, she wants to drive it or ride on it. So we got one of these kiddo trailer thingies. I set it up and attached it to my bike. My bike was like, “Bro, thefuc is this shit?”

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I was worried about the safety of it, so I put my bowling ball and a few other things in a back pack and strapped it into the middle of the seat. Then I proceeded to ride the bike as I might on an aggressive mountain trail. Would have loved to see my neighbors faces as they understandably would assume that there was a child in the trailer.


I could not make the trailer slide, or go up on two wheels!...Cool! The only time it seems dangerous is when decelerating quickly. I rode up and came down a big hill (something I wouldn’t do with the kiddo on board). I went fast down the hill and, hit the brakes, and looked over my shoulder, the trailer didn’t swing around, but it looked like it was getting ready to as I let my back tire skid.

Anyway she loves it. We had an unseasonably warm Sunday. There wasn’t enough rain to wash the salt off of the roads so the 02 stayed inside:(

Happy Monday.

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