Good day, short ride before the rain and a friendly race with a fellow commuter.

Two disk up front is fine, but I wonder how a longer gear would impact my performance because 2x10 is getting slow.


Good pressure on the brake levers, a Summer’s worth of back tire thread, and re adujsted gears; new cables to deal with gears. I want to change the colour of the frame, I’m thinking a wrap of sorts.

Wheeler guy was asking about a commuter bike and... Really all you need is a hardtail bike and some fenders so that your shirt doesn’t look like a Pollock painting. Do get a front suspension, preferably an adjustable one for extra sport....

Not sure about your size situation, this is an XL frame with 29in tires, so it’s a huge, heavy bike that feels stable at speed, much more than my M frame 27in!

Show your rides oppo!

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