Update: I chose the circuit in Santa Fe because I wanted to try and deal with the elevation changes... In short: I didn’t. I changed the route three laps in for one that had less steep inclines, meaning I did not need to use my brakes at all, and I also could keep my speed up, which in the end was my second biggest goal. A serious cyclist friend of mine told me that the real exercise is above 20km/h. My biggest goal was reaching 35km; which I didn’t do.

In the end, there’s no hiding that the bike is not the best for a pavement blast, and even in Superleggera (basically no accessories) form like I had it, it was very difficult to keep at speed. Not that it is at fault, it’s my lazy, fat ass. The other cyclists doing the course looked like professional athletes next to me, except the one with the pedalec bike.


The final objective is to prepare to do my commute by bicycle one day; it’s a very steep run with 300m in elevation change and 13km on road.

Old post:

To celebrate that air quality finally came down to an almost acceptable level, and because I really want to make up some condition on the bike, I want to take the 10 day break I have to go and run laps of these circuits in the early morning... I wonder which one y’all think its best for basically a newbie:

This is the most focused circuit as it has a dedicated bike lane, but has little shade
This one is flatter, but it’s a pedestrian road, so I’d need to slow down in a few sections because of people, it has a lot of shade though.
Even if it’s the shortest, the elevation change is the steepest. and it has a dedicated bike lane the entire way, This one is also in the place with the “best” air quality.

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